Easy and fast like make a payment


ADAC Pay is an app that allows ADAC members to get a credit card quickly. Thanks to the app, the user can manage his card. He can enroll it in his digital wallet on his phone ad use them to make NFC payments.

Project ADAC Pay

Skills Service Design, UX design, Interaction Design, UI design 

Client SIA S.p.a.

Year 2019


enhance the subscription that a customer already has

improve the long term customer loyalty with the offer of new services

know the customer habits best and identify new solutions to his needs


have a cushy and safe way to make payments

to get a payment card swiftly without to sign too many documents

manage the payment card easily and quickly everywhere

The solution — The solution that combines the business and user needs could be an app that delivers and manage a prepaid card

The digital payment situation  — The digital payment landscape is quickly changing dues the evolving customer needs and technological improvements. Buying things through the internet is becoming increasingly more frequent. Technology must support these new habits. To pay with a credit card is not enough anymore, users ask for more. Below are shown some numbers the give us a picture of this changing.
ADAC - environment




The service will work thanks to several services involved. Some are of the provider and other of the customer. Below there is a schema that shows an overview of the working mechanism.

ADAC architecture


First of all, I decided which features and contents the app will deliver. This was made according to the competitor analysis and the services already existing. I started the design phase creating some wireframes to depict and show main flows and features' positions.

ADAC wireframes-collection


The app user interface suits the brand ATAC. The design follows some broad rules that guarantee the best practices of user interaction. It follows rules of minimal design, information which is irrelevant or rarely needed is avoided. The system always keeps the user informed about is going on. Important areas or features are highlighted and have the right emphasis by making objects, actions, and options visible. In this way is minimized the user's effort to understand what he has to do.

subscription flow